World Buyer's Guide to Unusual and Innovative Products

Finally Published...An Importer's Directory that Covers Not Just One or Two Countries, But...The World!

Why Shouldn't You Be Able to Buy Direct?

Why shouldn't you buy direct from the overseas manufacturers just like the big mail order houses? Now you'll have access to the same sources that companies like Mellinger, Mail Order Associates, Sears and SMC have. You can contact these firms direct and arrange for samples or quantity purchases at a fraction of the cost paid when you go through an importer or stateside middleman.

You can even request samples of merchandise you wish to see. Just write to the manufacturer on your business letterhead and explain your needs and plans for his products to him. Then request his full catalog and whatever samples you care to examine. (Note... some manufactures may charge for samples).

The Cream of the Crop

We've searched the world over to bring you only the best manufacturers of the most unique and innovative products. All the hard work of sorting through hundreds of catalogs and trade publications is already done for you. Now all you need to do is sit down and write letters to the manufacturers you choose.

Here are Just A Few of the Countries Represented in this Comprehensive Directory

Belgium...France...Italy... Malaysia...and many others.

256 countries in all, presenting the most innovative , unusual and saleable products in the world.

Hundreds of Products Right at Your Fingertips

Literally hundreds of products and illustrations are listed in this giant directory. And that's just the beginning. For each firm will happily send to you their full catalog... almost always without any charge whatever... when you request it. Then you'll have thousands more products to help you build your own wholesale, retail or mail order business.

A New Goldmine of Profit-Making Products

You'll find this directory to be a treasure chest of money-making opportunities. Not only are the products presented innovative and easily sold, but you'll be able to drive your costs to rock bottom, thereby creating extra profit potential for yourself. The essential elements to a successful import business are low cost, desirable merchandise and a marketing plan. You'll find many of these manufacturers willing and able to provide you with sales aids and promotional literature to assist you in marketing your purchases from them. After all, they want you to be successful and reorder from them!

Special Bonus Section

In the back of the directory is included a bonus section that lists numerous suppliers who offer their complete catalog to you just for the asking. Most catalogs are fully illustrated and contain the promotional copy for you to begin your own mini- or full-size catalog.

You Can't Lose!

Not with our iron clad money back guarantee, you can't. Keep your directory for thirty days. Even write to some of the manufacturers listed. If, at the end of thirty days you are not completely satisfied that this directory can bring you closer to wealth and a profitable business, just return it for a no-questions-asked refund. You simply can't lose because you take absolutely no risk! For even less risk, the government offers a wide selection of small business grants and special programs for international trade.

Just a Few Samples

Here's just a few of the many distinct products listed in this fine directory:

  • Unusual Telephones
  • Innovative Lighters
  • Portable Mini-Alarms
  • Unique Flashlights
  • Synthetic Flowers and Plants
  • Automotive Day-night Devices
  • Feature-loaded Watches and Calculators
  • Handcrafted Boomerangs
  • Musical Devices of all sorts
  • Novelty Fishing Items
  • Sexy Lingerie
  • Handcarved Tobacco Pipes
  • Crazy Gadgets
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Emergency Whistles
  • Magic Items
  • Games
  • and Hundreds More Fast-Selling, Profitable, Easy-To-Sell Products!

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