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Now you can buy direct from low cost sources just like the big companies do. Retailers and wholesalers are on the inside and buy their merchandise direct from the factories.. You can buy all types of consumer products at a fraction of the retail prices, instead of paying top prices.

Top quality products

Each of the suppliers who will be shipping to you is a licensed exporter with their own government. Merchandise you buy is export quality suitable for sale almost everywhere. Samples are available.

Low Cost Labor

When labor is a major part of a products cost you save a fortune by dealing in countries where there is a plentiful supply of labor at a fraction of US and other Highly developed nations costs.

Over 30,000 Products

Consumer products of nearly all types are available from suppliers in these countries. Many items can be easily shipped by air freight. Others can be shipped by boat that regularly ply the waters between world ports everywhere.

Importing is easy

There are no expensive courses to take. No associations to join. No hidden costs Your only cost to contact these suppliers is your time and postage plus the small cost of the directories..

Bargains Galore

You will discover products at a tiny fraction the retail price in the USA. You may discover some yet unknown products just as they are coming on the market. You have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Most suppliers have fax numbers so you can make quick contacts. Many of these easy to use trade directories are photo illustrated with thousands of products. Not only will you have the opportunity to buy at everyday low prices, but you'll discover many innovative products not yet available. Some of these could make you a fortune.

Latest Editions

Each of the directories are updated frequently and you will receive the latest editions. You get the current available buying source information to keep pace with the changes in the market.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We guarantee that the suppliers listed are approved by their government to ship products to the United States. You may return your directory(s) anytime within 30 days if you are not fully satisfied. We guarantee that suppliers will be among the lowest cost sources in their country.

Order all 9 directories and pay only $105 post paid ( regularly $135 ) 

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