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Matthew Lesko Says: The US Government is 37% of our gross national product.  Isn't it time you started getting free grants and help for the government?

$10,000 a year in taxes per family including the Lesko family

Ever wonder where your tax money goes? Or how you could get some of it back in grants, loans and government giveaways? No one ever sends you an owner's manual on  the government. Luckily, Matthew Lesko wondered this 25 years ago. Since then, Lesko has shown millions how to take back their tax money in government grants loans, contracts and other programs and Lesko can show you too!

Lesko  Reveals Secrets

Matthew Lesko is a New York Times syndicated columnist, author of two New York Times Best Sellers, and a regular guest on Larry King, Oprah, Letterman and Good Morning America. He's spent years uncovering obscure government programs that provide free money, help and loans that most ordinary citizens know nothing about. Once read, Mathew's publications can help anyone start putting the government to work with loans, grants and help.Lesko

Lesko say's... Rich or Poor... something for all

Even the super rich  like Ross Perot, Donald Trump, Paul Neuman and many other famous people use our government wisely. Giant corporations such as Apple and FedEx use the taxpayer funded programs to help them along. Rich or poor each year the government gives away billions in grants and lends out billions more in loan and freebies to people like yourself.

Matthew Lesko manuals for your Government

Whether your looking for loans or grants, to further your education or start/ expand a business or just need the most up to date advice... Let Matthew Lesko provide you with the US Government owners manual tailored to your needs. 

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