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Perfect for your mail-order business. A complete guide to show you how to sell without any cash outlay: without any merchandise investment; without any expense! The new American Drop-Shippers Directory is the most complete wholesale buying guide drop-shipment sources published today! You'll find thousands of unique profitable items at terrific drop-ship prices in this giant directory of little known sources.

What is drop-shipping? In a nutshell, it is a way for you to offer a product or group of products without ever having to stock or ship them. For example, you offer fishing lures, when someone orders a lure, you instruct your manufacturer to place the lure in the mail to your customer. It's that easy. Of course you have to pay for the lure with the money you collected from your customer, but you never had to stock it! Saving you time and expense!

With the American Drop-Shippers Directory you'll make valuable contacts in the field you select. No costly franchises, no expensive course to take, just the straight forward practical information you need about how and where of wholesale buying by the no investment, no inventory drop-ship way!

Your key to drop-ship bargains is now available for only $15.00. Order today and get in on the profits without the inventory! For more information on getting into exporting or importing try Matthew Lesko's business grants guides

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